17 June 2020

Withers tech works with Morningside Ventures on COVID vaccine enterprise

Tech and life sciences focused Withers tech has represented its venture capital client Morningside Ventures on the creation of VaXEquity, alongside Imperial College London.

VaXEquity has been launched to accelerate production of a vaccine to combat COVID-19. In a separate initiative alongside this (on which Withers tech are not advising), Imperial College has partnered with Morningside to distribute the vaccine at a minimum cost plus price through a new social enterprise called VacEquity Global Health, which is supported by both public and private funds.

The Withers tech team was led by partners Susanna Stanfield and Richard Penfold, working with Velyana Borasova, Nadia Gracias, Isaac Black, Libby Payne, Christine Blackman and Sophia Mitropoulos. Withers tech has advised a number of clients on cutting edge initiatives in the fight against COVID-19, including Mologic, which is producing an antibody test.


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