03 July 2015

Withers wins award for best legal library service

Duncan Miller
Public relations manager | UK

The LexisLibrary Awards were conceived in order to recognise, celebrate and reward the dedicated performance and outstanding service given by legal information services, law libraries and those teams managing legal collections and resources. These awards are particularly unique as they are the only legal information service awards that recognise the value and importance of dedicated team work within our sector.

The judging panel's remarks were: 'In this category there were some very strong nominations, with a lot of love coming from the lawyers! The firm chosen to receive the award for Best Commercial Legal Service within London stood out because many of the nominations were for individuals in the library, hinting at close working relationships with the firm. Responsiveness was a characteristic threaded through many of the nominations, with appreciation of their knowledge and exceptional service. This team are described as “go to” people, proactive, creative and invaluable. The fact that they relocated their offices with no dip in service was admired by many. They are lauded for playing a crucial role in the firm's international strategic initiatives.'

The library and information service at Withers is an important foundation to the outstanding legal advice that we provide to our clients, and reflects the quality of the service that we provide. Claire Greening, Senior Librarian at Withers, comments: 'Having an award-winning service reflects the firm's commitment to excellence and we were honoured to be recognised for our achievements in these areas.'

Duncan Miller Public relations manager | London

Category: Firm News