Professional development for lawyers

We understand that the knowledge, skills and behaviours required of a lawyer change during their career life cycle.

Our associate development framework provides a benchmark for the development of lawyers as they progress through their careers here at Withers. There is, for example, a greater emphasis on technical knowledge and skills for more junior lawyers, and on management and business development skills for more senior lawyers.

As part of our training program, associates are invited to attend development centers at junior, mid, and senior associate level. Each development center is 2-3 days long and is tailored for the requirements of our associates at these key stages of their careers whilst preparing them for the next step in their career.

The centers are a great opportunity for our lawyers to interact with their colleagues from our international offices and build relationships with their peers. Alongside the development centers we provide our lawyers with further opportunities to select individual development sessions which are most relevant and important to them.


I have been surprised and impressed by the depth and breadth of development opportunities on offer here

Ayshat Gaydrova - UK Associate

The feedback from our [training] programmes has been amongst the best I’ve seen

Brett Rouse, Learning and development manager - London

I really do appreciate Withers spending the time, effort and cost in developing me, year after year

Jocelyn Tsao, Hong Kong Associate

Brett Rouse


There are two main areas of focus within Brett’s role, one is ensuring trainees receive the development and support they need to qualify, and then that those qualified solicitors receive the development they need to progress their careers. The second area of focus is ensuring our support staff have the skills they need to thrive within their speciality, manage their teams and work effectively with others. This is primarily achieved through designing and delivering bespoke training and engaging external specialists to deliver a range of effective developmental interventions, all in close cooperation with key internal stakeholders.