Malicah Van Triest

Office manager | British Virgin Islands

Malicah is the office manager of our BVI office.

She is the main contact with regards to administrative and operational activities for the office. Malicah also serves as a paralegal in litigation and works closely with the associates and partner there.

Me in a minute

Setting and achieving goals has become the epicentre of my happiness

I can be as passionate about the placement of a book on a shelf, as training for a marathon. Setting and achieving goals has become the epicentre of my happiness. I’ve also always been very competitive, representing the British Virgin Islands regionally and internationally through track and field, which was an extremely positive and efficient way to use energy and keep balanced.

However, as I matured (got older) I could no longer spend my days running track and needed somewhere to channel this energy/drive. Over the past years I have dawdled in various roles all surpassing the last but never quite fulfilling. Through this ‘job journey’, I recalled not which field was most realistic or practical but what made me most excited when I just began my job hunt and thoughts of career - this was law.

I’d made a conscious decision to get into or as close to the field that I possibly could. While sitting at my desk contemplating how I’d get into a law office, my phone rang and it was Withers BVI, this was my opportunity, my shot to work and feel good about it. I grabbed the bull by the horns. Here I am now excited, motivated and challenged.


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