Managing a media crisis

Timing is key. Early advice and a clear strategy can often shape the outcome of a situation, so it is vital to seek counsel as soon as a problem emerges.

We are experienced, confident media crisis managers. We will work with you and your advisers to prevent unauthorized exposures and inaccurate reporting and to limit reputational damage if a story breaks.

We deploy a full legal and practical armoury to protect and defend our clients’ valuable reputations, brands and privacy. We advise pragmatically and avoid the expense of litigation where possible, but when legal action is necessary and appropriate, we litigate intelligently and forcefully to achieve your objectives.

If you are in a position to plan ahead, we will advise you swiftly on the optimum way to prevent or manage impending media coverage. Once a story has broken, our rapid response will aim to prevent an approach from the media turning into an all-out crisis.

Assessing risks, taking proportionate measures and being cognizant and respectful of the bigger picture for our clients, enables us to combine legal acumen with a practical approach in our clients’ best interests when dealing with any crisis situation.

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