Miss Aniela

Miss Aniela is a British fine-art photographer who creates elaborate scenes eroding the boundaries between fine-art and fashion, depicting contemporary models with a classical reference inspired by Renaissance painting and Dutch masters. She explores juxtapositions in her works, between nature and manmade, the female form and interiors, painterly motifs and digital photography. Her work has been exhibited in the Saatchi Gallery, the Houses of Parliament, and Waldermarsudde Museum in Stockholm.

Miss Aniela’s ‘Surreal Fashion’ series are dream-like worlds with allusions to both couture photography and classical artworks. These scenes are meticulously constructed in-situ and digitally processed to augment colour whilst preserving the evocative authenticity of the stately houses from across England, Europe and the US that are used to stage the subjects.
‘Migration Season’ is shot in London with handpainted wallpaper shot in-situ, to create a fun surreal fusion of fashion model and dancing birds. ‘Migration Season’ was selected to be exhibited at Photo Vogue Italia’s first exhibition at Corso Como Gallery, Milan, 2012.