The needs of modern families today are complex. Family structures have changed dramatically over the last few decades and the law is failing to keep pace. Our family law experts share advice and resources to help you navigate the law, protect your family, and what to do if things go wrong.

Deborah's story

Conflict during separation and divorce can be damaging for you and those you want to protect. What are the strategies for managing these issues, helping you regain control and achieving the best outcome? We talk to our client Deborah Fisher and her lawyer Claire Blakemore, who share their experience and learnings for parents.

Deborah Fisher is a senior IHEART teacher and trainer who delivers courses in Resilience Training for adults and children in organisations and schools around London.

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Cohabitation rights for unmarried couples

Many people ask for a cohabitation definition but in legal terms, it doesn’t actually even exist. We believe this needs to change. In support of Resolution's Cohabitation Week 2017, we looked at the myths around cohabitation and what you can do to protect yourself.

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Top 10 tips when thinking about getting a cohabitation agreement

Putting in place a cohabitation agreement (or living together agreement) may seem a bit daunting. Here are our top 10 tips on what you need to know about cohabitation agreements and how to get started.

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UK divorce - state of the nation

Many couples in the UK are reconsidering their wedding vows, as new statistics reveal that 9% of married couples are currently seriously thinking of a separation.

What is driving this? We analysed the top reasons for divorce in the UK, as well as looking more closely into the locations where people are more likely to be considering a divorce, and why.

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