Graham Elliott

Consultant | London

Graham is a consultant in the international corporate tax team.

He mainly advises clients on VAT as well as on gift aid for charities, general charity transactions and Stamp Duty Land Tax. Regarding VAT, his main area of focus is: real estate and charities.

Most of Graham’s practice involves advising clients on what the tax law legitimately allows so that they do not pay more tax than they ought or is fair. This only occasionally involves recouping overpaid tax (since it is better to pay the correct amount to start with). On occasion however a defence of the position, or the need to ‘claw back’ occurs, and the following highlights are examples of these kinds of assignment.

Track record




Saved a client £1m recurring per year by pointing out an inconsistency in how they handled input tax claims.

Saved a client £1.5 million when challenged by HMRC on basis that a grant was a payment for services, when it was genuinely a grant.

Saved a client £600k per year in gift aid when HMRC wrongly challenged its arrangements as involving benefits.

VAT Registration Handbook (published by Claritax Books)

The Gift Aid Guide (published by Social Partnership Marketing LLP)

Accountancy magazine

Chartered Institute of Taxation

VAT Practitioner’s Group

Charity Tax Group

IBC VAT and Property Conference

ORCA Law VAT and Property Conference

ICAEW Charity Tax Conference

Me in a minute

I seek to understand your business and operation

My approach is genuinely commercial and I have an MBA qualification to back that up. I seek to understand your business and operation. That enables me to analyse the tax consequences in a way that drills into the practical aspects and leaves you with a practical rather than theoretical answer. I may offer you more than one solution, but I give a clear steer as to the solution I would choose. I also provide practical assistance in dealing with HMRC, and with counterparties in contracts.



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