John S. Winterle, Ph.D.

Patent agent | Greenwich, New Haven

John is a patent agent in our intellectual property and technology team.

He provides patent prosecution and litigation support with a focus on the chemical and pharmaceutical arts. His work includes technical research for due diligence, non-infringement and invalidity opinion work, and associated patent searches and evaluations, particularly for Hatch/Waxman certifications for ANDA filings. John also provides scientific and legal support for drug product litigations and has more than 35 years of experience both in fundamental chemical research and practical pharmaceutical development.

He was licensed in 2005 as a Patent Agent to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Prior to this, John was a senior manager at both Syntex Research (Palo Alto, CA) and then Roche Bioscience, where he directed a cGMP analytical chemistry group focused on documenting and qualifying new drug products for NDA approval. He was subsequently a Senior Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of California Santa Cruz (2003-2004), and also served on the Board of Directors of a biotechnical start-up company focused on commercializing a B-cell targeting technology for AIDS therapy.

John has been a Rotarian for 20 years, in California a past Club President, and now serves as a Director on the Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of Stamford, Connecticut, which supports local and international humanitarian projects.




United States Patent and Trademark Office, Patent Bar

Winterle, JS, Einarsdottir O, ‘Photoreactions of Cytochrome C. Oxidase’ (2006) Photochem. Photobiol. 82(3), 711-719

Winterle, JS, et al, ‘Absolute kinetic characterization of 17-beta estradiol as a radical-scavenging, antioxidant synergist’ (2001); Arch Biochem Biophys., 392(2):233-44

American Association for the Advancement of Science

American Chemical Society

Me in a minute

I am proud of being a scientist as well as a legal professional

I am proud of being a scientist as well as a legal professional. Science attempts to find truth and order in nature, and law attempts to provide order to human behavior. The two pursuits are not incompatible. My extensive Pharma experience provides great benefit to our work in Hatch-Waxman law. Our patent team at Withers is unusually strong, and it is a pleasure to work with the team, especially on litigation projects.

Among other hobby pursuits, I had a small career in community opera from

1996-2005 and have been a persistent (if not accomplished) runner for the last 47 years. I am also an Extra Operator Class amateur radio licensee, call sign AB1NT.

Patent work is complicated, interesting, and very exciting, combining science and law in intricate ways. Litigation is also very challenging and exciting. My litigation projects have been very successful for our clients. Perhaps my minor career in opera, with its focus on burlesque, helped prepare me for the challenges and drama of litigation, which shows distinct elements of theater.



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