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Successful results in private

Very few people want to drag their companies, families and personal lives though the courts or the media.

However, when a commercial or personal dispute arises, a court battle may seem like the only likely option. But there are alternatives, and we can help. In fact, we looked at our work over the last decade and realized that in 85% of cases, we actually helped clients achieve a desirable result outside of the court system, and away from the glare of the media.

What does this mean?

There are actually many options available for businesses, charities, people and families that do not want the expense and publicity that can be associated with going to court. We are trained negotiators and work hard to reach settlements out of court. We have teams of people based globally that focus on arbitration, mediation and adjudication which are all completely separate processes from the courts. And of course, ideally you avoid a dispute altogether. Contracts should be water tight and we often recommend including arbitration and mediation clauses to leave your options as broad as possible should you have a disagreement down the line.

Achieving the right result for you

We will fight your corner, and we can of course pursue your case in court. We have a team of 150 litigators fighting tooth and nail for our clients in the UK, Singapore, East and West Coast US, the BVI, Hong Kong and Italy. While we hope to reach an early settlement through mediation or arbitration, our skilled litigators are on hand to find a solution for you in the courts.

Dealing with your dispute, in private

Understandably, people often fear pursuing a dispute and effectively writing a blank cheque for litigators. But it is important to recognise that in many cases disputes can be resolved away from court.

Not only can a dispute is resolved quickly and as amicably as possible, there can also be significant cost savings.

How can we help you?


Don't delay

'As a professional, a high profile dispute can cause long lasting damage to your reputation and career prospects. Seeking advice early can make a huge difference the outcome'

Meriel Schindler

Get a strategy in place

'Look at all your options and be prepared for every possible outcome. You maybe able to reach agreement through mediation which is swift and more cost effective'

Stephen Ross

Think about the impact

'What does the best outcome look like for you? Often the most important issue is speed of resolution and there are lots of options at your disposal'

Katharine Landells

Peter Wood

Peter Wood, partner and CEO, dispute resolution

Peter is an experienced lawyer with almost 30 years experience in dispute resolution. He has particular expertise in commercial disputes, restructuring and insolvency, and international arbitration. He has a wealth of experience in company disputes, often advising on shareholder and joint-venture issues.

‘Many more of our cases are successfully resolved through mediation or arbitration, clients are understandably keen to avoid a long and expensive court battle’

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