Transatlantic thinking

Straightforward but thought through estate plans for families with US and UK connections

We work with couples with one foot either side of ‘the pond’, all the time. We have seen virtually every tax and financial situation that can affect couples who have to consider their obligations both to the UK Government and to Uncle Sam. Getting this right is critical to safeguard your family’s financial position and to protect your wealth for future generation.

We are able to provide a menu of estate planning options available for the individual or family depending upon the particular fact pattern. The options are priced up front with clear guidance as to what is and what is not included. We will also agree timescales with you, so you can be confident in the service and delivery you will receive. Scroll down to learn more about what we offer and why it’s important.

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Are you likely to be affected?

Good US/UK planning advice is vital if:

  • you’re buying a holiday home or other investment property
  • you’re moving to another country
  • you’re thinking about giving assets to your children (outright or in trust)
    • you’re wanting to set aside assets for your grandchildren’s future
  • you want to set up a foundation or find a way to give to a charity you support in a more regular and long term way
  • you have elderly US relatives and you might inherit while living in the UK

Typical scenarios where we can help

  • the UK couple with US property
  • the Brit married to an American who is short term resident in the UK
  • the Brit married to an American who is long term resident in the UK
  • the US couple who are both long term residents in the UK
  • the US couple who are short term residents in the UK but looking to return to the US in the long term
  • the US citizen living in the UK whose parents have passed away leaving assets held in a US estate plan
  • the Brit who has lived and worked in the US and who has investment assets in the US including Individual Retirement Accounts and/or ‘401K’ accounts

Your US/UK estate plan

Personal estate planning is essential. We will spend time with you at the outset of the engagement in order to ensure that we understand your family’s situation and your objectives. This time is critical as it provides us with the opportunity to ensure that we have a complete picture of the nature, location and ownership of your assets and your objectives. We will be able to help you make informed decisions about the ‘right’ estate plan for you and your family. We will not ‘reinvent’ the wheel when preparing your documentation although they will be tailored to your specific situation and no two estate plans are ever identical. We will ensure that flexibility is preserved wherever possible because the laws affecting the taxation of gifts and tax thresholds change all the time but few people have the appetite to contemplate their own mortality on a regular basis less so the desire to pay fees to do so.

It is perfectly possible to provide you with effective documents that ‘work’ in both the UK and the US for one fee.
The charges will include:

  • A consultation to understand your family’s particular objectives. We’ll ask you to complete a comprehensive questionnaire before the consultation so that we have relevant information about you, your family and your assets. We will discuss where you live now and where you want to live, how you might like to provide for any children you have and about your work, business and charitable interests.
  • Bespoke estate planning documentation to ensure the smooth and tax efficient administration of your estate in the US and UK.

Our transatlantic thinking guide

For more information on what we can offer, you can download our guide.

A case study

Scott Kesselring is a US citizen who has lived in London since the late 1990s. He is married to Anne who is English and they have 3 young children.


Thinking ahead

We also offer a UK domestic fixed price estate plan.


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Transatlantic thinking case study

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