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How does it work, and how does it differ from other methods of separating? We answer your questions.

What is Uncouple?

Uncouple is a unique approach to separation and divorce that has been created by combining a number of services we already offer to clients. We use a seamless route that is created to meet their needs. It also replaces traditional positional negotiations with steps which narrow the differences between a couple so that they can reach an outcome which suits them and their family.

How does it work?

At the heart of Uncouple is the Withers mediator/facilitator who works with both of a couple to identify what is important to them. The mediator/facilitator guides them through steps which need to be addressed so that negotiations can take place with the help of the mediator/facilitator. Where required, relevant professional experts are brought into the process.

If agreement is not reached through mediation, then the couple choose from a menu of options to help with the negotiations, always assisted by their Uncouple mediator/facilitator, such as an indication of outcomes or a financial evaluation. They can also opt for arbitration and, if they prefer, to go to court.

How does it differ from other methods of separating?

This is different because instead of having two lawyers working in the traditional way of positional negotiations (which can sometimes cause unintended conflict) or litigation, each of the couple works with the same highly experienced lawyer who acts independently and neutrally to create the best path to divorce or separation and the best outcome based on your situation.

Working with both of a couple from start to finish, using the range of experience and services within the Withers family team, as well as bringing into the process other professional experts (such as accountants or valuers etc) if needed, makes Uncouple different.

But what truly sets Uncouple apart is that it is designed to narrow, not widen, the gap between couples when they are planning to separate, which can often inadvertently happen when the traditional divorce route is taken.

What if we can't reach an agreement?

Sometimes problems can be intractable, either because they involve very complex issues, or because a couple just can’t agree on an outcome that works for them both.

Uncouple is designed to resolve as many elements of each problem as possible, but if fundamental disagreements remain then we use a formal arbitration process to determine any dispute and to obtain a binding decision

Is one law firm allowed to assist both sides of a couple?

Yes, our work is regulated by the SRA. We will advise couples using Uncouple if this approach is right for them and, if not, we have extensive experience in advising on alternative routes based on working with one half of the couple.

Can we get independent advice too?

Yes, and we encourage couples to get further advice if they feel the need for it or we identify an area in which it is recommended that they should obtain it.

Is it expensive?

Instructing one team and then bringing in experts at various stages, as suitable for each couple, invariably reduces the cost for both clients, especially when compared with the cost of adversarial court proceedings.

How does our outcome get approved by the court?

Agreement is possible at any stage of the Uncouple process. The mediator/facilitator can prepare documentation or guide the couple on what steps to take to obtain a divorce and any financial or children orders.

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