Survive and thrive – how to manage and move on from your divorce

Separating from your husband or wife and contemplating divorce is often traumatic, particularly when children are involved. Aside from the legal process and dealing with assets and financial security, separating as amicably as possible and dealing with the emotional fall out is vital.

Family lawyer and accredited mediator Suzanne Kingston and therapist and accredited mediator Suzy Power share their insight and advice to help you chose the right approach.

Videos: In conversation with the experts

Talking to your children

Parents are often most concerned about the impact of their separation on their children - what should you say and when?

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Does mediation work?

We look at the value of mediation and its role during separation and divorce proceedings

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The stress of divorce: How to survive it

The breakdown of a relationship can be devastating creating emotional, practical and financial stresses.

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Separating and the prospect of divorce is often distressing, but there are a wide range of solutions to help you get through it. My job is to advise you at each step of the way, to help you deal with things calmly and effectively so that you can move forward.

Suzanne Kingston, family lawyer and mediator

As a mediator, clients come to me with all sorts of questions and are understandably anxious. The first step is to listen to what is important for them and discuss how I can help as a mediator. Managing arrangements for children and sorting out finances can be challenging and it can be helpful to talk these things through in a neutral environment

Suzy Power, mediator and therapist