International corporate tax

Withers works with some of the fastest-growing and most exciting businesses in the world.

But rapid growth, especially in a quickly changing international tax environment, can present complex challenges as well as opportunities. Our international corporate tax team includes Australian, Japanese, Singaporean, Luxembourg, Italian, US and UK qualified lawyers. Their extensive knowledge and experience will help to ensure your situation is made easier.

We have decades of experience in supporting start-up, growing and established businesses and as a full-service firm we are able to take a holistic approach. In an increasingly digital economy, managing intellectual property is a critical aspect of most businesses and we work with our intellectual property colleagues to do that in a tax-efficient way. For example one client was an algorithmic trader with locations in a number of jurisdictions. We looked at where the income was arising and helped them to manage their cashflow efficiently.

Our team regularly advise on the application of double taxation agreements. This advice was very important, for instance, for a Swiss internet retailer that was expanding its previously European-based operations into the US. We helped the company to ringfence its American operations, to avoid its European income being taxed again by the IRS.

Global advice across a range of sectors

We work with clients across a range of sectors including retail, real estate, hedge and private equity funds (on both the buy and sell sides), fashion, technology, hospitality and luxury brands. It’s a point of pride for Withers lawyers to ‘speak your language’ – by which we mean that we understand your industry and the broader climate in which you operate. We apply this real-world knowledge to find the most effective tax arrangements for your business.

Finally our extensive experience means that whatever your situation, we will usually have seen something like it before. We can give insight into what the tax authorities will expect from you, and how similar businesses manage their arrangements around the world. Our practical advice will help you to manage challenges and take advantage of opportunities.

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Ranked in Band 1 for private client for the last 16 years

Ranked in top tier for personal tax, trust and probate

Ranked for tax: contentious trust

2014 Acquisition International M&A Tax Team of the Year - USA


The team is excellent and we have been completely satisfied with their work.

John-Paul Toppino, Group President, PAG and Managing Partner - PAG Real Estate

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Russian engineering firm

We represent a substantial Russian engineering business, recently advising on the international tax aspects of its group restructuring prior to IPO.

Beneficiaries of the K Trust

Acting for the adult beneficiaries in the matter of the K Trust with local advocates. The Guernsey Royal Court sanctioned removing a protector for the first time (following similar principles established in Jersey, where we acted, in the matter of the A Trust and the B Trust).

Wooldridge v Wooldridge

Our lawyers brought the highest value Inheritance Act claim to date in Wooldridge v Wooldridge (2016). We were acting for a widow who sought to increase provision under her husband’s will after his death in a helicopter accident. The will had been “homemade”, written without legal advice, and our client felt that her husband had intended to leave her a greater share of his assets.

Aboitiz Equity Ventures

Lead tax advisor for one of Philippines’ largest listed MNC in its power, banking and financial services, food, land and infrastructure investments across Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia.

US bank

This Californian arbitration case, Marlene McCoy et al v US Bank, related to a family trust. The trust beneficiaries had made claims against the trust and sought to prevent our client, as trustee, from paying its own legal costs out of trust funds. Our San Diego team argued that the beneficiaries' demands were unreasonable and their order was denied on appeal.

A Canadian museum

We acted in one of the largest will contests in the New York Surrogate's Court, on behalf of a Canadian museum. Multiple and conflicting wills were presented to the court, and the parties alleged incapacity, undue influence and legal malpractice. However we were able to negotiate a reformation of the will, including a favorable settlement for our client, which was accepted by the Court.

Argentinean hotel chain investment work

We provided thorough advice to an Argentinean hotel chain on tax optimizing its global structure for US investment and expansion. This included extensive pre-IPO planning, interim financing structuring, a review of the fund documents and the creation of convertible notes for a special class of investors.

UK fund manager

Assisted a UK fund manager on Italian tax issues relating to setting up and doing fund raising for a EU investment fund seeking to invest in EU renewable energy companies.

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