Virtual conference | Trusts in Divorce | Thought Leaders 4 HNW Divorce

The world of trusts and divorce has never been simple, let alone in the midst of a global pandemic. As we begin to gradually emerge from lockdown and look ahead to the long-term impacts of coronavirus, a key question to address is what is the shape of trusts and divorce in the emerging new world?

In a virtual conference hosted by ThoughtLeaders4, a cross-practice Withers panel, joined by David Wallace Wilson (Partner, Schellenberg Wittmer) and Lucia Perchard (Director, Highvern), will be leading a discussion on how the landscape is changing for divorcing couples, trustees and beneficiaries.

Featuring quickfire presentations, panel debate, discussion and debate, we will be addressing topics such as what’s new or pandemic driven in divorce, changes in tax for divorcing couples and the impact of divorce on trustees and beneficiaries. We will also discuss a more consensual approach to divorce with the new Withers’ separation model and how the pandemic has affected different jurisdictions.

Date: 6 July, 2020
Time: 12.00pm

Register here (via the ThoughtLeaders4 website).

We hope you can join us.

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