Mariella Frostrup on #ModernRelationships

We look at the shape of modern relationships, and discuss a range of approaches to help you when things get tricky. To help protect your home and finances. To have better, more constructive arguments. To manage the process of separation successfully.

We’ll be busting myths, revealing risks – and finding out if it’s legal to force your husband to do the washing up. Perhaps you are wondering if a pre-nup is horribly unromantic? If you never got married, should you bother? Maybe you’re struggling with a separation and want to know how to do the right thing? Or maybe you need to know how to support your children when things get tough at home?


Media and partners

Modern Relationships in discussion with Vanity Fair and Mariella Frostrup

Partner Katharine Landells joins Vanity Fair editor Michelle Jana Chan and Mariella in an exploration of how relationships are adapting, as part of the Vanity Fair ‘Future of’ series.

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Managing conflict in relationships

Thanks to our experience of divorces of all shapes and sizes over many years, we have had the privilege of working with counsellors, advisors and other professionals on the most effective approaches to dealing with conflict and offer the benefit of this combined knowledge to our clients.

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Working with us

We understand that meeting with a lawyer may seem daunting, particularity if you are going through a separation. We are here to help you reach an outcome which suits you best, one step at a time.

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Talking about prenups

How can you best protect your financial assets, and your relationship? How do you approach a prenup discussion with your partner?

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