Victoria Harrison


Victoria is an associate in the divorce and family team.

Victoria deals with the full range of family law issues. That includes advising on the issues arising from the breakdown of a marriage or cohabiting relationship (both the financial claims arising, and any disputes involving children). It also includes pre and postnuptial agreements.

Those who have worked with Victoria describe her as a calm and level headed problem solver who is utterly dedicated to her clients and determined to fight for their success. She combines the shrewd judgement needed to deliver what is most important for a client with the ability to explain the law accessibly and with empathy.

Victoria also acts as a knowledge lawyer for her family team colleagues – she helps with technical advice and research on challenging cases, and runs team training on the most recent developments in the law.

Secretary Soursdey Kheng


I really can’t thank Victoria enough for everything she did, she offered excellent advice all the way through and prevented an absolute disaster from happening with my business


Every time I spoke to Victoria I felt encouraged.


Victoria was a constant for me, dealing with my anxiety, answering questions clearly and promptly, and generally being an all-round amazing woman to have on my side.


It was wonderful to work with Victoria and to know she was always there to assist, to offer guidance and help (even support, if needed), to find a solution and to answer any questions.





England and Wales, 2016

‘A bitter ordeal awaits families post-Brexit’ (Spear’s Magazine, December 2017)

The relationship between family law and social/digital media: it’s complicated (Family Law, July 2020 (contributor and editor))




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