Gender diversity


Equality for all

Why is gender diversity important to us at Withers?

We are committed to creating an environment where all genders feel supported in balancing their responsibilities inside and outside the workplace. We have a strong track record in appointing women to leadership roles, and we are one of a few international firms where our two most senior positions within the business are both held by women.

Mentoring and sponsorship plays a key role in creating our future leadership pool, and we have a number of programs to help our people reach their full potential. 45% of our partnership are female with 40% of our global offices headed by women as well as many other key managerial positions. We have a range of diversity forums and programs at Withers ensuring a positive working environment for all gender identities.

We’ve already created a space in which women can succeed and we are now taking a wider view, looking at all aspects of gender and diversity themes. Building a diverse and dynamic workforce, and creating equal opportunity for everybody is vital to our business and we are working hard to achieve it.


One Loud Voice for Women

Withers is proud to support and promote One Loud Voice (1LV), which is a movement dedicated to turning up the volume on the many voices that wish to work towards achieving gender parity across all areas of working life for women in the UK.

The idea for One Loud Voice came when members of International Women’s Forum UK (IWF UK) were discussing the agenda for women and there was a shared frustration that despite much progress, there are still so many major obstacles to women achieving equality at work. As a result, the International Women’s Forum joined ranks with other well-known international women’s networks to begin the process of bringing voices and networks together.

One Loud Voice focus is on engagement with networks representing women at all levels of seniority in the UK workforce.

Visit the One Loud Voice website to find out how you can get involved



It’s great to see a dedicated area focusing on Pride and LGBT inclusion on the Withers website. The range of Pride stories Withers staff have shared are candid and moving to read. The firm has included a more inclusive version of the LGBT flag with black and brown stripes, which is a really powerful statement. The Black Lives Matter movement in the US and around the globe is a poignant reminder that Pride was and still is a protest to fight for equality and liberation for all who are oppressed. Many of the people who led the uprising at the Stonewall Inn 51 years ago, including black trans women of colour and black lesbians, continue to face systemic inequality and exist on the margins of our community and society. The firm has put together some really helpful LGBT focused articles which are both practical but also reflective on where legal reform is needed to provide for true LGBT equality.

Stonewall, 2020

As someone who has been with the firm since a trainee and become a partner (22 years!), I am all too aware of the challenges facing both women and men balancing career choices with family life. I have been a member of the International Women’s Forum (UK) for several years and have had the opportunity to meet many inspiring women through this group and have been able to listen and learn about their life journeys in so many different fields of work. There is no ‘one size fits all’ as to how we work and it is so important for all of us to learn from those around us in the firm. Withers is exceptionally supportive in this area.


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