Aaron Judge, MLBPA contesting trademark applications of unassociated individual

During an extremely successful rookie season, the popularity and marketability of Yankees' outfielder Aaron Judge skyrocketed. As Judge's success soared, his jersey became the best-selling rookie jersey of all time and other apparel and items associated with his name became very popular. Unfortunately for Judge and the MLB, one individual, Michael Chisena, who is not associated with Judge has filed applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the phrases “All Rise” and “Here Comes the Judge”, phrases associated with Judge, in an attempt to capitalize on Judge's success. The Major League Baseball Player Association has filed an opposition against Chisena, stating a concern that any products sold by Chisena may cause buyers to believe he is associated with Judge of the MLBPA. The dispute shows the lengths some athletes have to go to protect their image and likeness to prevent others from unjustly benefitting from the athlete's success.


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