John Huxley


John is an associate in the charities team.

In his role John advises a range of charities and philanthropists, helping clients navigate the law to deliver good causes.

His particular interests include the complex world of fundraising regulation and how charities can best attract donations in line with the law and consistently with their values.

John also regularly helps individuals and organisations plan and set up new charitable projects, including the establishment of new charities in England & Wales.

Moi en une minute

My job as a lawyer is helping people to help people.

I feel very lucky to be working with the charities and philanthropy team for their range of extraordinary clients. There is an incredible variety of purpose and approach among those with a passion to do good and I have the fantastic job of helping each of our clients realise their own unique vision within the law.

In my time at Withers I’ve had the privilege of working on secondment for three leading charities, learning first-hand how my advice can help our clients fulfil their missions. My aim is always to provide advice which is responsive, clear and tailored to help as much as I can, keeping detail and the ‘big picture’ in view.

I’m here to help my clients navigate the law the best they can for the public benefit.



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