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Natasha is a partner in the private client and tax team.

She works with UK based and international individuals with a particular focus on taxation of PE and hedge fund manager remuneration, taxation of entrepreneurs, employees and director remuneration and incentives, plus managing risks for non-UK entities where a UK individual creates a UK nexus for such entity.

Natasha also advises more widely, on all areas of wealth planning, often from the start point of an individual coming to (or leaving) the UK in the context of the UK statutory residence rules and the remittance basis of taxation. A significant area of her practice is advising individuals and families (and their family offices) for whom a key concern is succession of their wealth / family businesses down the generations with a view to stewardship, whilst also ensuring asset protection, privacy and tax efficiency.

Natasha has advised on structuring for polo teams with foreign professional players wanting to play in the UK medium and high goal. She has a zero goal polo handicap.

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Assisted a client family with the creation of various offshore asset protection structures for different elements of their (evolving) businesses based on differing risk, sector and geographical profiles. This involved jurisdictional reviews noting the need to manage reporting requirements and protect against forced heirship rules relevant to the family.

Assisted a UK based family whose business is in the second/third generation on creation of wealth planning structures, including family limited partnerships, primarily for the purposes of enabling the elder generation to pass on shares in the family business to the younger generation without passing on complete control of the business until such time as the younger generation had proved their credentials.

Advised a Russian client on relocating him and his family to the UK in the context of the UK statutory residence test, including advising on managing the tax implications of his role in the business, purchase and use of residential and investment property in the UK and elsewhere (such as appropriate property holding structures) and detailed advice on how to maximise remittance planning techniques with respect to sources of funds generated prior to and after his arrival in the UK.

England and Wales, 2006

Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners (STEP)

Association of Tax Technicians (ATT)

‘Retirement Planning for High Net Worth Individuals Post Budget’, IBC Conference - 2014

‘Non-UK Domiciliaries Holding Property in the UK: Structuring Options’ - 2014

‘Understanding the Alternative Structuring Options Available: The Opportunities and Drawbacks’, IBC Conference - 2014 & 2015

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What makes my role interesting is understanding individual characters and their dynamics as part of a wider family

I have the opportunity to advise highly successful people, whose "big" characters have often been key to their business and/or financial success. But appreciating what drives and influences my clients outside that arena - personally and emotionally - is also a vital part of the picture. Having come up against clients, and/or their children, whilst on horseback playing polo might seem a rather dramatic approach to gaining this additional insight, but it is certainly informative (and fun).

I hope that example helps demonstrate that what makes my role interesting is understanding individual characters and their dynamics as part of a wider family comprising individuals, whom often differ considerably in personality and circumstance. I particularly enjoy working with members of younger generations who may have the opportunity to succeed their elders in taking over or developing family businesses and seeing the challenges they face in the transition period - this often brings out the true personality of the individuals involved.

So, I enjoy the challenge, not simply of navigating the highly technical and constantly evolving area of tax law which is the foundation of the area in which I advise, but also getting to know how every individual client and his family works.



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