Webinar | Maximising your options in international cross-border disputes

2020 continues to bring us new challenges, and nevertheless, international cross-border transactions continue to take place. Given these continuous challenges, a rise in disputes resulting in an increase in international dispute resolution, both in arbitration and litigation, is expected.

In this webinar, our panelists will discuss how you as a company can maximise your options in international cross-border disputes to ensure that you are not only protecting your rights but also fighting for everything that you are entitled to, and will cover the following topics:

Third Party Funding – assistance in funding your claims so that you can fight for what is rightfully yours;
Independent Third Party Experts – the importance in finding a top-notch expert in ensuring that you are maximising your claim and also picking apart your opponents’ claim; and
Asset Tracing – ensuring that you are able to collect on what is yours.

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