Cleveland Indians postseason exit means end of Chief Wahoo

As we previously reported on our blog, in January 2018 the Cleveland Indians ownership agreed with Major League Baseball to remove the controversial Chief Wahoo logo from on-field uniforms starting in 2019. The mascot was allegedly created to honor Louis Sockalexis, a Penobscot Indian who played for Cleveland from 1897-1899. However, Sockalexis looked nothing like the toothy, red-faced ethnic caricature. Some fans found the mascot racist and offensive, hailing the change as a victory, whereas other Indians fans believed Wahoo represented one aspect of the team’s tradition, and its removal is reflective of the encroachment of politically correct society. With the Indians early postseason exit, having been swept by the defending champion Houston Astros, Chief Wahoo will be officially retired. While the mascot will no longer be used on uniforms, the Indians will maintain the right to sell merchandise with Chief Wahoo imagery.

This article was written with contributions from Tim Piscatelli.

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