Webinar: Partnering for success: Innovative funding models for Charities supporting scientific innovation

Thursday, 24 June | 2:30 – 4:00PM

The implementation of new innovative funding models has enabled charities to be dynamic and entrepreneurial in their approach and also improve outcomes for beneficiaries.

Through successful partnering with commercial enterprises and universities, we have seen an increase in charities supporting innovative medical research, new technologies and fast-moving science in order to deliver their charitable, strategic objectives.

Please join Withers charities and Withers tech partners, Chris Priestley and James Shaw, who will chair discussions with key figures on how successful partnerships and new funding models are shaping the sector.

The live session will cover:

  • The purpose, challenges and successes of using the Virtual Biotech model at Parkinson’s UK – Dr Arthur Roach (Director of Research at Parkinson’s UK)
  • How charities can work effectively with venturing platforms and VCs – Panacea Innovations’ partnering models (including a case study with CRUK) – Dr Mina Bekheet (Founder & CEO of Panacea Innovation, Managing Partner of Panacea Ventures)
  • The legal issues you should consider – Philip Reed (Partner, Charities, Withers), Susanna Stanfield (Partner, Venture Capital and Corporate, Withers tech) and Sharmela Kalmer (Senior Associate, Intellectual Property, Withers tech)

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This webinar brings together our experts across Charities and philanthropy and Withers tech’s global Life Sciences group. Withers tech is a global venture capital and technology legal practice serving disruptors and innovators in the technology and life sciences sectors.

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