What lawyers need to know about cryptocurrency and blockchain

Cryptocurrency has made a mark on the world and it’s here to stay. Technology is advancing; Dubai, for example is anticipating operating entirely through blockchain by 2020. Countries are progressing and it is anticipated that within the next 5-10 years blockchain, IOT and tokenization is something we will become reliant on.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain regulations are constantly changing in every country in the world. Corporate partner, Ridge Barker brings you up to speed in ‘What lawyers need to know about cryptocurrency and blockchain,’ presented by the New York County Lawyers Association. Ridge and Withers consultant Joseph Bambara examine the legal issues that arise in the context of the intersection between the blockchain and the internet of things (“IoT”). Ridge discusses key considerations when advising clients on Blockchain and IOT including the regulatory framework in place today, contracts and software licensing and ownership and intellectual property. Joseph provides an in-depth overview on what blockchain and the IOT are and goes on to additionally discuss how IOT affects our privacy and the future of IOT and Blockchain.

Full session is available for viewing: https://vimeo.com/user27287947/review/295313363/b09c482720

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

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