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Whether you are a tech startup looking for seed funding, a growing company ready for an IPO, a new owner considering a management buyout or a multi-national looking to cut down on your tax bill, we have the financial experience to find a solution.

Our decades of work with successful families and individuals give us an advantage over other firms when it comes to securing sources of investment for corporate clients. We’re able to connect investors with the opportunities they’re most interested in, creating value for both sides of the transaction.

‘Wealthy people don’t want to sit on their money. They’re looking for investment opportunities,’ explains Ridgway Barker, a US partner focusing on corporate finance and securities law. ‘Being able to showcase opportunities that we come across on the corporate side to the capital base is beneficial to both.’

Withers also understands that financing is only one part of an interlocking series of decisions companies must make and knows how to advise at each stage. When an Italian manufacturer wanted to invest in an electronics-recycling plant, we obtained the money to do so from a combination of private investment funds and a public grant from the Italian National Agency. We also helped the company obtain local and regional planning permissions and draft the employment contracts associated with the project.

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A wealthy European family

A European family asked us to create an overarching trust structure to hold their commercial interests in the UK, Greece, Cyprus, Singapore and elsewhere. Resident in Monaco and London, the family needed the structure to operate as an estate plan, enabling wealth to be passed between generations. This was all done in conjunction with a family constitution governing the management of their wealth.

IPO for Hightex Group

Hightex Group is a UK, Swiss and German membrane and renewable energy company. Withers has acted for Hightex Group on their IPO on the AIM market. We have also advised Hightex Group on their reverse takeover of West 175 Media Group Inc., the acquisition of HighTex International (HTI) AG, and on the acquisition of SolarNext AG, a German company active in the solar and alternative energy sectors.

Astelit, Ukrainian telecommunications

Counsel to Astelit, a Ukrainian telecommunications company, controlled by Turkish GSM operator Turkcell, on a US$540 million financing - the then largest private financing in Ukraine - to expand its mobile network.

Russian engineering firm

We represent a substantial Russian engineering business, recently advising on the international tax aspects of its group restructuring prior to IPO.

Structuring IPO proceeds

Stakeholders of a recently listed company requested Withers advice in the structuring of IPO proceeds and their retained shareholdings. Withers has developed a strong relationship with these stakeholders, offering further assistance on a range of other areas including the formation of a family office, establishment of hedge fund and charitable foundation, and advising on the UK tax treatment of future investments regarding offshore funds, deep discounted securities, and acquisitions.

Start-up project investments in China

We advised a Hong Kong-based high-tech company in its proposed investments in start-up projects in China.

US$17 million fund raising for Vietnamese technology start-up fund

Acted for a Vietnamese multi disciplinary technology start-up fund involved in the F&B, fashion, logistics and agricultural businesses in their US$17 million fund raising exercise by the investment arm of Japanese bank via the issuance of redeemable convertible senior notes.

Ukrainian company bond issue

Faced with a bond issue on the Channel Island stock exchange, we advised a Ukrainian company on how to proceed and retain their financial position.

Argentinean hotel chain investment work

We provided thorough advice to an Argentinean hotel chain on tax optimizing its global structure for US investment and expansion. This included extensive pre-IPO planning, interim financing structuring, a review of the fund documents and the creation of convertible notes for a special class of investors.

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