Talent and creatives

If you have a talent; protect it. Success means different things to different people, but as soon as you start to turn your talent and hard work into money you can find yourself exposed to risk in way that you haven’t had to worry about before.

Your talent might mean you have found yourself in the public eye, or it might mean you are having to make difficult financial decisions about you and your family’s lives now and for the future. No one really enjoys conversations about what happens if you have to stop doing what you do, or about things like making a will, but it is essential to be prepared.

Working to protect your success

It’s likely you already have a strong team of advisers and family looking out for you. We work with many of the world’s leading music, entertainment and sport agents and either provide them with specific legal advice in the background as questions arise or we can become part of the advisory team. ‘We complement the services of agents, managers and other advisers, ensuring the decisions you take are legally watertight, every step of the way,’ adds Milan partner Luca Ferrari.

Connections globally

We are the largest law firm in the world dedicated to protecting, defending and championing the interests of individuals and work with a range of different types of talented and creative people. We can’t name most of them as one of the main things we do is help keep people’s lives private, but in addition to sport we represent established and rising stars in the world of music, art and fashion. Having worked over the years with so many talented and successful people means you’re in good company if you choose to work with us.

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Награды и признание

2022 Chambers UK, ranked for art and cultural property law (Band 2)

2022 Legal 500, leading firm for art and cultural property

Leading firm for art and cultural property, 2021

Ranked for art and cultural property (Band 2), 2021

2021 Chambers UK, leading firm for defamation/reputation management

Top Ranked Chambers HNW, 2020 - Art and Cultural Property Law (Band 1)

Top Ranked Chambers HNW, 2020 - Private Wealth (Band 1)



Our long established relationship between LNPB and Withers, especially through Luca Ferrari’s knowledge, has been a decisive factor in LNPB’s birth and growth.

Paolo Bedin, Dirretore Generale - Lega Nazionale Professionisti Serie B (Italian Football League Serie B)

When you need to be totally focused on pursuing your sports ambitions at the most competitive level, Withers experience and range of services is invaluable.

Lucas Silva

The firm was efficient and effective in assisting us with the establishment and operation of our marketing and Asia Pacific HQ in Singapore, and continues to provide us with valued advice on commercial and compliance matters.

International Table Tennis Federation

When Nicholas Latifi was making a start in motorsport, we turned to Withers for advice on who to speak to and how to protect Nicholas’s business and personal interests. Since then, the firm has gone on to provide us with valuable business and corporate advice.

Latrus Racing Corp

The firm is committed to excellent client service and, like us, to nurturing and supporting young and emerging talent. Our close relationship has also enabled us both to establish valuable new contacts across Europe, Asia and the USA and, the firm’s international reach, has been a useful support and resource for us.

Mark Blundell - Mark Blundell Partners

Withers is a valued advisor and has represented us for several decades both locally and internationally. The firm fully supports our values of passion, commitment and tradition which are embodied in each of our product ranges and their guidance, advice and industry knowledge have always been appreciated, especially as the Max Mara brand has expanded around the world.

Massimiliano Camellini - Max Mara

As a sports sponsorship and marketing business, we work with global brands on all aspects of sports sponsorship and help them deliver their business objectives. The firm’s in depth understanding of the key issues facing decision-makers and stakeholders in sport sponsorship and the team’s pragmatic advice, passion and approach with clients reflects our own and ultimately best serve our clients interests.

Robin Fenwick - Right Formula

Withers has provided us with vital backing in a delicate negotiation process with great significance for the Serie B league and for Italian football more broadly. The Withers’ team’s skills and support have been essential throughout the process.

Serie B

Withers have represented us and our clients, both insurers and collectors, on major and complex cases, all successfully resolved, and are our lead London lawyers.

Julian Radcliffe, Chairman - Art Loss Register

As a leading fashion, lifestyle and entertainment agency, we provide a highly focused, expert service in connecting global consumer and luxury brands with celebrity talent. We enjoy working with Anthony Indaimo and the experienced team at Withers due to the firm’s in depth understanding of both brand strategy and talent engagement. The Withers team intrinsically understand what makes a successful brand-talent collaboration and how to navigate both the legalistic and business sides of this sometimes complex landscape. The team’s pragmatic advice, passion and approach with clients reflects our own and ultimately best serve our clients’ interests. This is why Withers is always our preferred partner and our first recommendation to all clients who are seeking outside legal counsel.

Sharon Ainsberg - SHO + CO

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Опыт работы

An art heir

We represented the son and heir of a well-known American painter in cases arising out of a major art fraud worth an estimated $100 million. Our client had been among numerous victims of a Manhattan dealer who had committed the deceit to fund his extravagant lifestyle.

DieselReboot by Diesel

Withers is proud to have represented global Italian retailer Diesel during the launch of their reinventive new brand DieselReboot. During the launch, Withers worked alongside Diesel's newly appointed artistic director Nicola Formichetti and advised on the brand's new aims to 'rediscover and reactive the DNA of Diesel'.

Anya Hindmarch (t/a A.S.H.S.)

A.S.H.S. is a well-known English fashion house. We have provided strategic advice to the luxury brand on a number of high level employment issues.

Max Mara - Jennifer Garner campaign

Italian fashion house Max Mara has a long history of designing luxury couture clothing and has a strong reputation as one of the world's top fashion brands. When their latest campaign involved offering American screen actress Jennifer Garner the opportunity to be the face of their new sunglasses range, Withers was there to assist and provide advice for the agreement.

Jürgen Klopp

Withers has a strong track record in representing high-profile and high-net-worth figures in the world of sport. When leading football manager Jürgen Klopp was approached by Liverpool Football Club to become its manager, we represented him in the negotiations for his move and the extension to his contract.

Camera della Moda

Camera della Moda is a non-profit organisation specialising in the promotion and support of the Italian fashion industry and young designers. The organization was challenged about the domain name for their website, and we successfully defended this allowing them to carry on building their online profile. Withers have a long-standing relationship with Camera della Moda, and together we help to support them in brand protection and the IP of the brands they represent.

Ilkay Gündogan

We assisted the international renowned footballer, Ilkay Gündogan, on a number of aspects of his transfer from Borussia Dortmund to Manchester City FC. Of particular importance were drafting employment and image rights agreements.

High-profile individuals in football

We are acting for a number of figures in the international football industry in relation to a Code of Practice 8 (COP 8) investigation. Our clients were missold investment schemes that amounted to tax avoidance, and we are dealing with HMRC on their behalf and negotiating a settlement with their negligent advisers.

The founder of a successful publishing company

Our client built their business up to their target size for exit and chose us to help them with their management buy-out. We made sure that their exit was as tax efficient as possible and reduced their exposure to any future disputes with the purchaser, while also structuring rewards for the key employees who had contributed to the success of the company.

Greek TV merger leads to arbitration

A proposed merger in the Pay TV market in Greece led to a dispute in which we represented Greek clients in a substantial LCIA arbitration.

Global entertainment conglomerate

Assisted in the transfer of US employees to China for a global entertainment conglomerate.

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