The Withers Separation Model

One couple, one team, a better separation

Sorting out the finances and children matters on divorce or separation can be hard. Emotions can run high and stress can increase. Each couple is different, so it's important that you get the right advice about the best approach for you.

Sometimes there are issues which do need to be sorted out at court. In other situations a solution can be reached through negotiations. It can be hard to identify the best option for you and your family. That’s why we start by working out the best route for each of our clients from the outset. But because of the way the current system operates many separating couples are forced even further apart. Court delays, a lack of legal clarity about what the fair outcome should be, and having two legal teams mean that even with the best of intentions, conflict can increase as each person and their lawyer are forced to mark out their negotiating positions. This can make compromise harder to achieve.

Through working with clients and listening to their needs, we discovered that what couples often want is a combination of the various options available (mediation, a private financial indication, arbitration, even some elements of the court system) but within one process, so they can move seamlessly between the options and use the parts that suit them best.

Another way was needed. So we built it.

We have pioneered a new and unique, flexible approach which guides couples towards an outcome without the need to go to court; which allows a separating couple to work with one team, from start to finish, under one roof, within a quicker more cost effective service, which can be delivered in person or online. Polarisation is removed through the introduction of new outcome focused methods of evaluation, which we have designed to clarify and then to narrow the issues between a couple. And our experience means that we are able to identify the best and most direct route to guide couples to a fair solution minimising the confusion and conflict.

A better separation: swift, private and more cost effective.

The Withers separation model

Our new separation service is specifically designed to make divorce quicker, most cost effective and consensual.

Watch this short video to find out more about how the process can help you.

What are the benefits of this new approach?

  • Discussions start with identifying what’s important to each of you and managing the sharing of information.
  • The usual negotiation process is replaced with focused steps and stages, each designed to narrow the issues between you or to have them decided for you, if a resolution can’t be achieved.
  • Everything happens under one roof, at your pace, with access to Withers’ extensive team of experts.
  • It is swift, private, bespoke and agreed together. As a result it is more cost effective.

I often feel that the limitations of the divorce process are a major handicap for separating couples and can really contribute to bad feeling and resentment. It is entirely right for couples today to expect clarity of outcome, more flexibility and the ability to work out their separation in the way that suits them best. Our new approach does that”

Claire Blakemore, family law partner

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If you would like advice or guidance on any of the topics covered in the podcasts or on our website, please get in touch and a member of the team will contact you. If you are separating or approaching divorce, please provide a brief summary of your circumstances so that we can direct your enquiry swiftly to the right person.

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