EEA citizens: moving to the UK but worried about Brexit?

Now is time for EEA citizens to get their foot in the door before the UK leaves the EU. There are different ways to establish a presence in the UK that will protect your freedom of movement, even after Brexit.

Clients come to us because their work, business needs and families bring them to the UK. The latest reprieve on Brexit has given us until 31 January 2020 to implement solutions if the UK leaves without a deal. The deadline could stretch to 31 December 2020, but the warm welcome EEA citizens have earned for the last 45 years will end. Establishing a physical, financial or commercial presence in the UK before Brexit is important to secure your right to remain.

Forward planning is essential. Taking some simple steps now means you could move to the UK in the future and still get the benefit of the generous immigration regime that applies to EEA citizens and their families.

Acting now could protect you from the strictures of UK’s notoriously hostile immigration rules as they apply to the rest of the world.

Please contact your usual Withers contact and/or Tracy and Alice for further information.

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