FanDuel gets into live sports-streaming, pairing streams with betting odds

FanDuel will be the first U.S. sports betting operator to offer live-sports broadcasts alongside odds on its website and mobile app, made possible through a partnership with Swiss data and media company Sportradar AG. Gamblers will be able to wager in real-time on the broadcasts and watch the bet play out seconds later. Live streaming paired with gambling odds is common in the European market covering a variety of sports, including English Premier League soccer games. Bringing the service to the U.S. presents a unique problem in that the content for the four major sports leagues is subject to long term television network deals. Because of the restrictions on the leagues’ content, FanDuel may be limited in the live sports they can offer. The partnership with Sportradar AG, which is one of the world’s largest sellers of live rights and data to sportsbooks and media companies, will give FanDuel access to tennis and soccer streams, among other sports. Notably, FanDuel isn’t getting exclusive access to these games in the U.S., meaning competitors could and will likely will partner with Sportradar for similar access.

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