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The universally respected standard of law in England & Wales, alongside the universality of the English language and the UK's geographic standpoint between the Americas and Asia, all contribute to the UK's position as a favoured location for multinational companies, as much as for successful people and their businesses.

We have been based in London, in the United Kingdom, since 1896. Over the past 120 years, our perspective has broadened to a fully global one, but much of our strength is based on the firm foundations of the English courts, London’s status as an international finance hub, and the UK’s business-friendly tax and regulatory policies.

The UK’s decision to leave the EU’s single market surprised many, but it looks likely that the country will continue to be function as a destination of choice for the world’s high net worth population, as well as the place where their money is managed and they can seek the protection and certainties of the courts.


Ranked in Band 1 for private client for the last 16 years

UK top 25 private client law firm 2017

Chambers UK 2017 Ranked In Withers LLP Logo - Ranked in Band 2 for charities

Top ranked firm for senior executives

Top ranked firm for contentious trusts

Leading firm for defamation/reputation management

Leading firm for professional negligence

Leading firm for civil fraud

20 years as a top ranked firm for family/matrimonial (1997-2017)

Ranked for tax: contentious trust

Leading firm in commerical, corporate M&A, dispute resolution, tax, industry focus - food, luxury goods

Winner of family/matrimonial law firm of the year

Leading firm - Band 1 for real estate in London

Leading firm - Band 1 for private wealth law in London

Leading firm - Band 1 for family/matrimonial in London

Leading firm - Defamation/reputation management in the UK

Leading firm - Band 1 for private wealth disputes in the UK

Meet the team

Track record

Protecting the home in a family fraud dispute

Our client faced claims to his million pound London property, as a result of a massive fraud claim relating to a member of his family. Working to protect his property rights, we secured a landmark ruling from the Court of Appeal to enable him to challenge the claim.

£35 million misselling and LIBOR claim

In a major misselling claim, we are assisting the liquidators of a property company on a dispute relating to over £35 million of losses incurred by interest-rate hedging products sold by a UK bank. The claim also involves allegations relating to the bank's involvement in LIBOR manipulation.

International bank mandate fraud

When our client suffered a bank mandate fraud, it severely affected his art dealership business. We put a team in London and Hong Kong into action to freeze the stolen funds, held in a Hong Kong bank, and were able to retrieve them for our client.

Belarus $1.6m business dispute

In a complex international dispute involving one of the oldest multi-sectorial brands in Belarus (our client), we defended a $1.6m claim brought by a Ukrainian-owned company, relating to company officers' authority to conclude contracts.

Defeating £15m claim, our client pays £1 damages

In a high stakes dispute, with a £15m claim by Marathon Asset Management against our client and another defendant, our strategy in the case secured a nominal order of £1, with the High Court also ordering Marathon to pay towards our client's costs.

Russian real estate project in LCIA arbitration

In an LCIA arbitration concerning a high profile real estate project in Moscow, worth $160m, and involving complex issues of fraud, illegality and a combination of Russian, Kazakh and BVI law, we have taken an innovative approach to calculating the damages at stake.

£5 million LIBOR claim against major bank

The LIBOR scandal resulted in losses for many businesses, and we have brought a £5 million plus claim against a major UK bank on behalf of the former directors and owners of a group of companies. The companies suffered losses from interest rate hedging products which were missold to them.

Swiss franc de-pegging claim

Representing one of the UK's leading financial spread betting companies, we are bringing a claim on behalf of our client against its prime broker and prime liquidity provider following losses incurred as a result of the de-pegging of the Swiss franc in 2015.

Energy company UNCITRAL arbitration against Pakistan

Represented a Mauritian energy company as counsel and advocates in an investment treaty arbitration against Pakistan under the UNCITRAL arbitration rules.

ICSID dispute over energy investment

A dispute over an investment in the energy sector has resulted in an ICSID investment treaty claim against a European state. Our client is seeking damages for breach of fair and equitable treatment, expropriation and other breaches of treaty standards.

Public liability cover claim against broker

In a case before the High Court, we successfully settled a claim against an insurance broker, who left our client in a difficult position by failing to provide proper advice on his level and adequacy of public liability cover.

Negligence claim for hedge fund exit advice

Our client suffered losses when they engaged a law firm to advise on their exit from the partnership of a hedge fund. We represented him on a claim of more than £5 million against the law firm for negligent advice.

VAT case dispute with former solicitor settled in mediation

We achieved our client's aims in a £1m+ claim against their former solicitors, after a VAT dispute with HMRC was mishandled, resulting in substantial losses. The matter was settled through mediation.

Negligence claim for misadvised property deal

When a property developer discovered that it did not have full rights of access to a development site it was acquiring, it turned to us for assistance, and we have represented it in a negligence claim against its former solicitor.

Representing Bar Mutual and its clients

We have been a longstanding adviser to Bar Mutual, advising the organisation on claims by the barristers it represents, or on third party proceedings brought by solicitors facing professional negligence claims. We also directly advise barristers protected by Bar Mutual

London courts secure fraudster's assets

An ex-director of our client, a Cypriot company, defrauded the business of $6m. Following a case in Cyprus, we stepped in to obtain a freezing injunction from the London courts, and then secured a final charging order over a London property to recoup the losses.

Art theft case for underwriters

Following the alleged theft of nine old master paintings from a European art gallery, we represented insurance underwriters in a fraud claim relating to the art work, and resulting in a successful settlement.

Bringing misselling and breach of contract claims against bank

In a case involving claims of misrepresentation, breach of contract, breach of duty in tort, and misselling of an interest rate swap, we are representing a family-owned property investment company seeking substantial damages from a major UK bank.

Reputation protection during a high profile divorce

During our client's highly sensitive and hard-fought divorce, our Media and Reputation team played a key role to ensure that our client's public reputation was protected in the face of significant media interest. The team also provided counsel on communications from our client, which were required to uphold his rights in balance with the other party's.

Professional negligence claim for interest rate swap deal

A world renowned hotel entered into an interest rate swap with several banks, but ended up suffering significant losses. The hotel's owners approached us to pursue the law firm who represented them in a professional negligence claim. The case was listed for a five week High Court trial, but we arranged a settlement before the trial commenced.

Complex dispute with a financial consulting firm

Withers represented an individual in a dispute involving a successful limited liability company that provided global financial consulting and advisory services. Withers successfully avoided a public lawsuit and negotiated a successful resolution. This complex matter involved parties in the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Belize.

Harriet Green, CEO of Thomas Cook

When Harriet Green stood down as CEO of Thomas Cook in 2014, she turned to Withers' experienced team to help her develop and implement an exit strategy. The situation became more complicated in May 2015, while she was on garden leave, and had to deal with an onslaught of negative press coverage around her alleged handling of the death of two children in Corfu in 2006 (six years before she joined Thomas Cook). We developed a clear strategy and we closed the matter down to our client's satisfaction.

Renault Group & Gravity Motorsports S.a.r.l.

Renault Group is a French automobile manufacturer with long history in motorsport. When Renault was interested in the purchase of a controlling stake in Lotus F1 Team Ltd, Renault Group and Gravity Motorsports S.a.r.l. came to Withers for advice on the acquisition.

State Bank of India in luxury hotel development

The Old War Office at 57 Whitehall, London is a prestigious and historic building. We were proud to act for State Bank of India in its client Hinduja Group's purchase of the site, which is to be converted into a luxury hotel.

Soho House (London)

We are incredibly proud of our relationship with Soho House. Founded in London in 1995 as a private members' club for people in the creative world, Soho House has since successfully opened clubs across Europe and the US as well as restaurants, cinemas, work spaces, spas and bedrooms. It has been an amazing journey to work with them as they grow

Charman v Charman

In collaboration with our family law experts, we advised in this high profile and complex divorce case which may be seen as the apogee of the English divorce jurisdiction's robust attitude towards offshore trusts. It marked the widening gap between the trust industry on the one hand and the family division on the other as to the respect to be accorded to trusts, and it remains a seminal case in this field today.

Soho House and Sydell Group

The Soho House & Co founder Nick Jones has described The Ned in the City of London, a joint venture with Sydell Group, as his 'blockbuster'. We are advising on the redevelopment and fit-out of a landmark listed building which is to include 252 bedrooms; 9 restaurants; bars everywhere from the underground vaults to the rooftop; a health spa and gym; and a private members’ club.

Macmillan Cancer Support

Acting for charities is an important part of our practice, and we act for non-profit organisations on a range of legal matters. In one recent instance we were called on by one of the UK's largest cancer support charities to assist in the acquisition of new headquarters in London.

Two US senior executives moving to Europe

As a firm, we are best known for helping globally successful individuals to protect their interests internationally - in this recent matter we helped secure water-tight contracts for two C-suite directors as they relocated from the United States to the United Kingdom, while our transatlantic team reviewed their changed tax circumstances.

Wooldridge v Wooldridge

Our lawyers brought the highest value Inheritance Act claim to date in Wooldridge v Wooldridge (2016). We were acting for a widow who sought to increase provision under her husband’s will after his death in a helicopter accident. The will had been “homemade”, written without legal advice, and our client felt that her husband had intended to leave her a greater share of his assets.

HR at Winton Capital Management

Withers assisted Winton Capital Management in its human resources function, adapting its varied remuneration structure to take into account 'family-friendly' legislation. We were pleased to advise on other aspects of recruitment, including Financial Conduct Authority and background checks, as well as data protection issues.<br />

A wealthy European family

A European family asked us to create an overarching trust structure to hold their commercial interests in the UK, Greece, Cyprus, Singapore and elsewhere. Resident in Monaco and London, the family needed the structure to operate as an estate plan, enabling wealth to be passed between generations. This was all done in conjunction with a family constitution governing the management of their wealth.

Renault Sport F1 Team

Since Renault Group's cross-border acquisition of Lotus F1 in December 2015, our employment team have provided continual support to the Renault Sport F1 Team. This work has included: advice in relation to a TUPE transfer of employees; drafting and negotiating employment contracts/consultancy agreements with senior employees and key contractors - many with cross-border elements; advising on the disciplining and/or exit of employees; and advising on arrangements with contractors and the termination of such arrangements.

Croly v Good

In the leading case of Croly v Good, we acted for the successful petitioner - a minority shareholder in a quasi-partnership. Due to the conduct of the majority shareholder, he was ordered to purchase our client's shares valued at the date of his exclusion rather than at the date of trial, resulting in a much higher share valuation for our client.

Deutsche Bank

We advised Deutsche Bank on a loan of £10 million secured on a collection of silver.