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We are always thinking about the future. That means doing our part to tackle the world’s problems.

Many of our clients are working through their businesses, charities and philanthropy to tackle the climate emergency, reduce inequality and support communities, and we are proud to help them make their initiatives more effective.

We focus on our impact too. From our greener buildings program to our employee networks, we are always pushing ourselves to be better. We take on important cases on a pro bono basis, and we offer mentoring and apprenticeships as a way to broaden access to legal careers.

This is not just talk. We are seeing measurable results, for example we are tracking our carbon output at a very detailed level globally, in order to identify changes to create the greatest impact in the coming years. Our new offices in Tokyo, San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco will all be much greener as a result and we will be reporting on progress and performance once they open.

Take a look at what our people are achieving across the firm below.


Law Firm of the Year 2021 – the only firm to feature in the top 25 in every single one of our diversity rankings. International

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