Alan D. Gardner

Patent agent

Alan is a patent agent in our intellectual property and technology team.

His focus is patent and trademark prosecution. Alan’s experience includes engineering, electrical, computer science and mechanical devices, working both for outside counsel and as in-house inventor/liaison.

Alan advocates for clients’ intellectual property and business strategies, including international patents and trademarks in Japan, Canada, Australia, Korea, Malaysia, India, Europe, Brazil, China and Hong Kong, as well as the United States.


United States Patent and Trademark Office, 2012


I have designed mechanical devices as well as software enterprises

I pride myself in having a broad, jack-of-all-trades, understanding of technology and a deep desire to learn how innovators solve problems, being an inventor myself. Having also been labeled a problem-solver, I love to explore the various options available and execute solutions, given the time constraints every project has.

I have designed mechanical devices as well as software enterprises, for myself and clients, and seen them put to use; often prosecuting patent applications during the development stages.

As a patent agent I’m fortunate to work with a broad range of innovators, such those in the in the financial sector and the mechanical arts, to bring life to their ideas and offer them protection for their tremendous efforts in advancing technology.



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