Vincenzo Calandrelli


Vincenzo is an associate in the corporate team.

Vincenzo assists the sport team in advising athletes, intermediaries, coaches, clubs, leagues and companies active in the sports Industry on a broad range of sports law matters, from contractual and regulatory issues to representation in international arbitration proceedings.

Prior to joining Withers, he worked at a law firm in Naples specialized in labour law and sports law.




Italy, 2020

Provided research for the drafting the article: "Procure Federali e Procura Generale dello Sport tra ordinamento giuridico sportive e ordinario: un’analisi sistematica alla luce delle evoluzioni normative e giurisprudenziali" – by Neil Andrew MacLeod, 2018, published in RDES (Rivista di Diritto ed Economia dello Sport).

Naples Bar Association


I have been passionate about sport since I was a child.

Other than the playing aspect, I have always admired the social, educational and inspiring dimensions of sport.

Football surely holds a unique position in the city where I was born - you can literally breathe football in every street - and my family – namely, my father and my uncle - certainly contributed to this.

Merging my deep-rooted passion for sport with my professional development has thus been the purpose underlying my choice of law and then the scope of my practice.

Sports law has been emerging over the last few years and requires a strong and multidisciplinary legal knowledge. That is why I invested in my education, trying to acquire this knowledge along with the international experience necessary to become part of the sports industry.

I firmly believe in commitment, competence and the importance of networks both from a professional and individual perspective.



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