Edward A. Renn


  • Education: Syracuse University, B.A. • University of Connecticut School of Law with high honors, J.D.
  • Admitted: State of CT, 1988 • Registered Foreign Lawyer in the UK, 2002 • State of NY, 2004 • Washington D.C., 2003 • Commonwealth of MA, 2007
  • Year joined: 1991
  • Year became partner: 1998


Ed focuses on domestic and international private client matters.  He provides legal advice on US and international estate planning, income maximization strategies, FLP and LLC planning, wealth preservation, business succession planning, international tax planning for entities and individuals, trust structures and estate administration.

Ed often uses sophisticated domestic and offshore insurance strategies to solve client problems. Ed is a frequent speaker and has co-authored several books on estate planning for individuals.


  • Finalist for the 2014 NY SmartCEO CPA&ESQ Awards

Publications and speaking engagements


  • Podcast on "Preparing for an Exit: Private Company Valuation," Expert Webcast, April 2016. Click here to listen
  • Charter Financial Publishing Conference, Presenter, Boston, MA, October 2015.

  • Delaware Trust Conference, Presenter, Wilmington, DE, October 2015.

  • Frequent presenter – Inc. Magazine Business Owner’s Council.
  • Frequent presenter – Surgent McCoy.
  • 3nd Annual Creating an Exceptional Family Office, Presenter, Boston, MA, September 2014.
  • "Retirement Strategies for Wealth Business Owners," Presenter, Financial Advisors Magazine, Las Vegas, NV, April 2014.
  • "Sourcing and Working with Super-Rich Inheritors," Presenter, Rothstein Kass, New York, NY, April 2014.
  • 2nd Annual Creating an Exceptional Family Office, Presenter, Boston, MA, October 2013.
  • “Life Insurance & Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts: Perfect Together!” Co-Presenter, Newport Beach, CA, March 2013.
  • “Private Placement Life Insurance & Charitable Lead Annuity Trusts: Perfect Together!”  Co-Presenter, New York, NY, January 2013.
  • “Gift Planning Opportunities in 2012,” Speaker, IMI, Greenwich, CT, December 2012.
  • “Planning Opportunities Using Preferred Partnerships,” Speaker, Boston Estate Planning Council, Boston, MA, November, 2012.
  • “Estate Planning,” Presenter, Tax University, Rothstein Kass, New York, NY, October, 2012.
  • “2012 Gifting Strategies,” Speaker, Elite Wealth Management Conference, Boston, MA, October 2012.
  • “Creating a Multi-Family Office Conference,” Speaker, New York, NY, May, 2012.
  • “Sophisticated Estate Planning,” Speaker, Cromwell, CT, December 2011.
  • “Sophisticated Estate Planning,” Speaker, Norwalk, CT, December 2011.
  • “Sophisticated Estate Planning,” Speaker, Hamden, CT, December 2011.
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  • “CBIA Family Business Program,” Co-Presenter, Farmington, CT, October 2011.
  • “Cultivating the Super Rich,” Speaker, Forbes/Private Wealth, New York, NY, October 2011.
  • "Succession Planning for Business Continuity," Exit Planning Exchange Seminar, Stamford, CT, May 2011. 
  • "Unique Wealth Transfer Planning Opportunities for Fund Professionals in 2011 and 2012, Co-Presenter, Greenwich, CT, May 2011. 
  • "Window of Opportunity: Saving Taxes in 2011-2012 and Providing for Certainty with Succession Planning," Co-Presenter, Greenwich, CT, May 2011 
  • "Multi-Generational Wealth Planning, NY, March 2011. 
  • "Estate and Wealth Planning in 2011," IvyPlus Event, New York, NY, March 2011.
  • "Finding and Working with Affluent Physicians," Co-Presenter, New York, NY, November 2010. 
  • "End-of-the Year Power Moves." Speaker, Inc. Magazine, Wayne, NJ and New York, NY, October 2010.
  • "Marketing Life Insurance to the Financial Elite," Presenter, New York, NY, October 2010.
  • "Estate Freeze Techniques for Family Businesses," Presenter, Merrill Lynch, New York, NY, September 2010.
  • "Create a Multi-Family Office Practice," Presenter, Private Wealth, Chicago, July 2010. 
  • "Tax Efficient Hedge Fund Investing," Speaker, Family Office Association, Greenwich, July 2010.
  • "Sourcing the Super-Rich for Life Insurance," Speaker, Rothstein Kass, New York, NY, June 2010.
  • "Business Succession Planning," Speaker, Herald Bank, New York, NY, June 2010.
  • "The Wealthy Family/Family Office Forum/PPLI," Presenter, IMI, Greenwich, June 2010.
  • "Estate Planning," Presenter, CLE Presentation, Rothstein Kass, New York, NY, March 2010.
  • "Trends in Family Office," Speaker, IvyPlus Event, New York, NY, March 2010.
  • "International Aspects of Estate Planning," to the Lower Fairfield County Estate Planning Council, December 2009. 
  • "FLP Planning with GRATs and Defective Grantor Trusts," to financial professionals in Hong Kong and Singapore, May 2009.
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  • "Wealth Planning for Hedge Fund Managers," to MARHedge World Wealth Summit, Bermuda, October 2006.
  • "Family Offices and Trusts Tax Efficient Cross-Border Planning," to World Offshore Covention, Puerto Rico, October 2005.
  • "Succession Planning for Family Offices," to Family Office Business Operations, New York, July 2005.


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  • Connecticut Bar Association
  • American Bar Association
  • New York Bar Association
  • District of Columbia Bar Association
  • Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP)
  • Member, Financial Planning Association

On a personal note

Edward is married with three children.

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