Harry and Meghan open fresh battle with paparazzi after Canada pictures

This article was originally published in The Times on January 22, 2020.

Amber Melville-Brown was recently quoted in an article in The Times which discusses the new battle the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have opened against the paparazzi. They are taking legal action to prevent unauthorized photographs taken of them in Canada from being published and say that they are being harassed by paparazzi. The couple could invoke British Columbian privacy laws after Meghan Markle was photographed with their son in a park on Vancouver Island while accompanied by members of Scotland Yard and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Their lawyers argued that Ms. Markle has been continually harassed and the photos taken of her were without her consent.

Amber Melville-Brown commented on Canadian Privacy Laws saying, “Privacy laws in Canada are more protective than they are in the US but less developed than the more protective laws of England and Wales.”

She added: “If the British Columbia courts are faced with persistent paparazzi pursuit of the couple and their child on Canadian soil, Archie could be the couple’s secret weapon to garner some degree of privacy protection.”

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