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Cross-border tax advice in Japan

Japan is the third largest global economy by GDP and is home to many of the world's leading manufacturers and technology businesses.

Withers opened its Tokyo office in 2015 and under Withers Japan Zeirishi Jimusho, the office has historically focused on Japanese and cross-border tax advice for international clients in Japan.

In Oct 2018, under the affiliated names of Withers Gaikokuhou Jimo Bengoshi Houjin and Withers Bengoshi Houjin, the Tokyo office expanded its investment management and real estate offering where our lawyers, who are leading individuals in their specialist areas, are equipped with the expertise to advise Japan’s most prominent companies and international corporations on inbound and outbound cross-jurisdictional transactions.

Withers Japan is a Foreign law joint enterprise (gaikokuhou kyoudou jigyou) between Withers Gaikokuhou Jimu Bengoshi Houjin and Withers Bengoshi Houjin. Withers Japan Zeirishi Jimusho is a separate but affiliated entity to Withers.

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Japan national tax firm of the year

Leading firm - Band 1 for tax: International under Japan

ALB Japan Law Awards 2020 - Tax and trusts law firm of the year

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Track record

Japanese pharmaceutical manufacturer

Advised a Japan-based pharmaceutical manufacturer on the IP and regulatory aspects in Singapore of its acquisition of a portfolio of over-the-counter drugs in Asia.

Japanese electronics company in acquisition of intellectual property estate

Advised a leading Japanese electronics company in acquisition of the worldwide intellectual property estate of a distressed multinational company that had acted as a major component supplier in the past.

Major Japanese fashion brand

Advised a high profile fashion house on tax issues relating to the opening of a branch in Italy.

Joint venture for establishment of chain of wine bars in US, Europe, and Japan

We advised a leading Italian and international wine producer in a joint venture with a leading Italian food brand for the establishment of a chain of wine bars in the US, Europe, and Japan through a combination of owner-managed and franchise units.

Mistaken identity in personal injury case

Withers worked to successfully dismiss an action filed in California against a Japanese citizen in the United States. The action mistakenly named the citizen in a U.S. personal injury matter, although the intended party was a person of the same name.

Leading Japanese conglomerate

We advised a leading Japanese conglomerate in its minority investment in a Singapore limited exempt private company and its US, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Indian and European subsidiaries.