Seminar | Scaling strategies for climate action in Asia: the role of philanthropy

26 May 2023 | Applicable law: Singapore

This event has concluded. For more information on upcoming events, kindly reach out to us at sg.events@withersworldwide.com.

Many parts of Asia are experiencing ever increasing swaths of heatwaves. Southeast Asia will feel the greatest effect of sea-level rise due to the number of people living in low-lying areas. Experts predict that the impact of climate change will get worse, with lethal consequences.

While governments and supranational organizations globally are moving to implement policies to tackle climate challenges, it is well acknowledged that philanthropists can use their resources to advance climate initiatives at a far quicker pace with significant and sustainable results. Many philanthropists and charitable foundations around the world have already embarked on innovative, high impact climate initiatives. In Asia, there is room for further development to create scalable strategies for climate action.

We are very pleased to be joined by Athena Ronquillo-Ballesteros, Managing Director of global climate strategies at the Climate Leadership Initiative (CLI), and Matt Elliott, Executive Director at Oceankind, for an interactive panel discussion led by Stacy Choong on how family offices/family foundations can engage in climate philanthropy and how they can be giving to achieve more sustainable and greater impact.

Networking refreshments will be provided after the seminar.

If you have any enquiries, please drop us an email at sg.events@withersworldwide.com.

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