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Sectors and focus areas

Our lawyers work across almost every industry and we immerse ourselves in the issues and developments our clients deal with day-to-day. There are certain sectors in which we have particular depths of knowledge and a passion for working with leading clients, from the world's finest food and drink producers through to cutting edge technology clients. 

Having worked with some of the biggest names in fashion, our lawyers strive to match the ambition and creativity of our clients by helping them build their brand and grow their business.

Fashion Tech

Artificial intelligence, 3D printing and virtual reality are transforming fashion. We help our clients stay at the forefront of innovation thanks to our in-depth fashion and tech experience.

Financial services

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience navigating complex global financial markets. We help clients secure their finances and futureproof their businesses.

Food and drink

Food is not only essential but emotive. We help food and beverage companies of all sizes to establish a strong brand and protect it robustly, providing valuable, sector-specific advice.

Hotels and hospitality

The hotel and hospitality sector is becoming ever more specialized. Our significant experience helps us to ensure that the operators we work with get the best value out of their transactions.


Indonesia is the largest and most populous market in Southeast Asia. Its relatively young population of 260 million represents both a significant workforce and an important consumer market. These fundamentals, along with economic reforms introduced in recent years, make Indonesia an important and attractive investment destination in the region.

Life sciences and healthcare

Life sciences are in the limelight and our diverse team from a range of scientific and industry backgrounds is highly experienced in getting innovative therapies, drugs and devices to market.