06 August 2019

Fundraising Regulator publishes tool for navigating upcoming changes to the Code of Fundraising Practice

In advance of the implementation of the new Code of Fundraising Practice in October, the Fundraising Regulator has published a ‘Mapping the code changes’ tool which sets out where changes have been made to the Code and where the standards and rules have been moved to. It also includes lists of rules that have been merged or deleted.

The Code of Fundraising Practice implements fundraising standards across the UK for all charitable organisations engaged in public fundraising. It is prepared by the Fundraising Regulator’s Standards Committee after consultation with fundraisers and donors and covers a wide range of fundraising activities, from door to door fundraising to direct mailings. The Fundraising Regulator published an updated version of the Code in June.

Many of the changes are structural and language-oriented in an effort to make the Code easier for fundraisers, charities and third-party organisations to understand what is expected of them whilst fundraising. The Code has been consolidated so that all standards are contained in the new Code, instead of being spread out across the former Code, rulebooks and legal appendices. Given the extensive reorganisation of the Code, the mapping tool will help those who are familiar with the old Code to find the relevant standards and rules. The Fundraising Regulator has also worked to consolidate the Code, making the lists of mergers and deletions useful in identifying these changes.

The Fundraising Regulator intends to use the new code as the basis for making decisions about any fundraising related issues from October onwards.


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