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Those who save for the future should be able to bank on financial security. Our pensions team work with individuals to ensure their pensions are protected in a range of scenarios, as well as helping employers to meet their obligations in a sustainable manner.

Helping you navigate the complex world of pensions.

We offer the advantage of advice from a dedicated team of pension lawyers. With in-depth knowledge of pension arrangements in the UK and how UK regulations impact offshore pension arrangements, we help individuals, employers and advisors navigate a complex regulatory and tax regime to create financial security and help deal with issues.

Advice for individuals

Our core focus is on helping you achieve your retirement aims, whether they involve preparing for your future or using your retirement savings to provide for your family or other nominated beneficiaries on your death.

We offer integrated pensions legal services that focus on each individual's needs and plans. That may entail advising on pensions and estate planning, looking at how your savings could be affected by the tax laws of different jurisdictions, examining pensions in the context of a divorce settlement, or managing a change in employment.

Where a bespoke solution is needed, we have the knowledge and experience to craft one. As an international pensions law firm, we are adept at helping people who have interests in different countries or who do not intend to remain in the UK for retirement. Senior advertising executives often consult our team of pension solicitors on contracts and share options when they move between agencies.

Our team also has the expertise to advise on more complex scenarios, including in relation to international pension plans and other offshore arrangements, and always stay fully across the latest developments.

Advice for employers

We provide a full-spectrum pensions legal service to employers, from setting up pension schemes to handling legacy arrangements. Our reputation is such that we are often asked to advise other professional services firms on their own pension arrangements. We are particularly adept at helping employers balance their pensions and life assurance commitments with their key objectives.

Our pension lawyers help clients meet their auto-enrolment requirements and, where a company is concerned about helping senior executives benefit in a tax-efficient way, we can advise on solutions. Excepted group life schemes are, for example, commonly used to provide lump sum death benefits, which are outside the scope of the lifetime allowance. We have advised numerous clients on how to amend their pension contribution arrangements for high earners affected by the tapered annual allowance.

We also have nearly two decades of experience advising employers on legacy final salary schemes, including negotiating with the scheme's board of trustees about funding and governance requirements and updating scheme rules in line with the latest statutory changes. In particular, we can help clients plan for funding risks.

Advice for intermediaries

Pensions advisors, wealth managers and consultants frequently call on us for legal support. Our pension lawyers' in-depth understanding of scheme rules and governance means that we can assist with the development of new products, such as excepted group life trusts and self-invested personal pensions (SIPPs) – providing not just documentation but also insights into the requirements of successful people.

We can also help pensions advisors speak with confidence about the options available to their clients – for example, if an overseas saver has a sizeable UK pension and has questions on the tax implications of drawing it abroad.

Abolishing the UK non-dom regime – what are your options in the UK and globally?

The decision from the current UK government to abolish the existing regime and promises made by the opposition to do the same has left many of you with questions and uncertainty. What does the future hold and what actions can you take now? 
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Elaine Aarons

Elaine Aarons

Partner | London

Elaine Aarons

Partner | London



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