24 January 2018

International Sports Law and Business Blog: Minnesota Vikings quickly move to trademark phrases 'Minneapolis Miracle' and 'Minnesota Miracle'

Michael A. Rueda
Partner | Head of US Sports and Entertainment | US

The Minnesota Vikings seeking to cash in on their unlikely playoff victory against the New Orleans Saints after wide receiver Stefon Diggs scored a touchdown on the game's final play. The Vikings have filed for trademarks on the phrases “Minneapolis Miracle” and “Minnesota Miracle”. Prior to the filing of the trademark, t-shirts featuring Diggs and the words “Minneapolis Miracle” were put up for sale and more than 1,000 were sold in the first 48 hours. The Vikings' decision to quickly trademark the phrases demonstrates the needs for athletes, teams, and owners to move quickly to protect catchphrases or slogans that become associated with the athlete or team. The Vikings did go on to lose in the NFC Championship game to the Philadelphia Eagles, and while the play will not soon be forgotten, one also wonders whether the value of the trademark may have been greater if the Vikings were able to continue their march to the Super Bowl.

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Michael A. Rueda Partner | Head of US Sports and Entertainment | New York

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