28 October 2019

Italy's Investor Visa: a rapid gateway towards relocation

Giulia Cipollini
Partner | IT

Since 2017 Italy has offered a very favourable tax regime to attract new high net worth residents, alongside the more recent introduction of a fast-paced procedure to obtain a VISA and long-term residence permit for non-EU nationals wishing to relocate in Italy.

The Investor Visa for Italy programme, as defined by art. 26-bis of the Consolidated Act on Immigration, has several advantages:

  • the Investor Visa holder will obtain a two-year residence permit, renewable for an additional period of three years;
  • the Investor Visa program has been tailor-made for individuals with active professional and social lives, therefore there is no limitation connected to the applicants’ work life, willingness to invest or participation in charities, foundations, etc.;
  • a dedicated interinstitutional committee (the Investor Visa Committee), set up by the Ministry of Economic Development, is in charge of coordinating operations, giving the applicant has a single contact point;
  • the entire procedure is carried out online, through a dedicated IT platform, used for all communications between the Visa applicant and the administration. As a result, the whole procedure is monitored remotely and there is no need for the applicant to be physically present at any step of the filing procedures with the Investor Visa Committee;
  • the applicant is notified of the outcome of his Visa application within 30 days of sending the complete documentation. As a result, the time required for the entire migration process is significantly reduced;
  • the applicant can select one of the following investment types:
    1) € 2 m investment in Government Bonds
    2) € 1m investment in limited companies
    or €500K in innovative start-ups;
    3) € 1 m donation to
    i. natural or cultural heritage preservation
    ii. research and education
    iii. immigration management

How we can help

We have successfully assisted a number of applicants in relation to this procedure, and can provide assistance from general advice to the identification of the right investment target.

Giulia Cipollini Partner | Milan

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