Kimberly Pallen and Brooke Schneider featured in The Art Newspaper on unpaid internships in the art world

Article 15 September 2021 Experience

Partner, Kimberly Pallen, and Senior Associate, Brooke Schneider, were featured in the article, ‘Despite legal crackdowns, unpaid internships are still rife in the art world,’ which was published by The Art Newspaper on September 15, 2021. The article provides insight on the culture of unpaid internship as a gateway into the art world while shedding light on its function as a barrier of entry for many, while also discussing the legal positions countries around the world like the US, UK, France, and Hong Kong hold on this issue.

Kimberly Pallen and Brooke Schneider, note that a grey area persists around internships in the US because “it is not an exact science but rather a review of multiple factors about the reality of the relationship.” They add that as interns are often so focused on “getting their foot in the door”, they may allow employers to get away with bad behaviour.

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