Issues with cyber and physical security

3 June 2021 | Applicable law: US | 53 minute listen

Episode 5 of Withers talks: founders counsel


For family offices, individuals and families, cyber and physical security preparedness is often overlooked or less emphasized than it is at companies. But the threats are real and growing, including to founders and senior executives, and in some cases are greater to the individual or family than to a corporation. What are the biggest and most common cyber and physical security threats to individuals and families? What steps can you take to best protect yourself and your family or family office from such threats? What lessons can be drawn from a corporate perspective and applied to founders and other high profile people personally? What is a security audit, who is well suited to do this for families, and why do it?

In this episode, ‘Keeping founders and families secure: Issues with cyber and physical security,’ host Doug Mandell draws on his own experience guiding companies through privacy and data security audits, and is joined by experts Sabrina Ross, Bill Dixon and Matt Bogaard to discuss taking lessons from the corporate perspective related to cyber and physical security and how you can apply these best practices to protect yourself and your family. Each guest shares tips and insight on mindset and specific actions individuals and families can take to reduce vulnerabilities before a security threat happens, and on incident response, or what to do when there is an incident. For insight on cyber and physical security issues relevant for individuals and families, listen to the discussion in this episode of our podcast.


William (Bill) Dixon – Managing Director, Cyber at Prescient. Bill serves as Managing Director in the cyber practice of the global risk management and intelligence firm, Prescient. His team works with individuals, families, family offices and corporations on cyber security issues and cyber threat awareness. Prior to joining Prescient, he served as an Associate Managing Director in Kroll’s Cyber Risk practice, where he supported private equity, investment management, legal, hospitality and technology clients on a variety of projects including cyber due diligence, cyber security strategy and program assessment, board of directors training, security operations center optimization, and incident response. Over his career, he has served as a CISO and Board of Directors advisor relating to cybersecurity and cyber threat awareness. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Security Manager (CISM), and is Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC).

Matthew Bogaard – Founder and CEO at Bogaard Group International. Matt has over twenty-five years of experience in government and the private sector, in crisis management, disaster planning and response, business continuity, intellectual property protection, workplace violence prevention, high-risk travel, threat assessment, security design, special event planning, and investigations. His consulting covers clients in entertainment, video gaming, financial services, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, and retail industries around the globe in a variety of locations. Prior to founding BGI, Matt was Head of Corporate Security at DreamWorks Animation SKG and oversaw security initiatives worldwide. He is Certified Business Continuity Planning Professional and an Infrastructure Liaison Officer with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

Sabrina Ross – Privacy and Public Policy Director at Facebook. Sabrina’s expertise includes counseling on all aspects of ethical technology, privacy and consumer protection, ranging from crafting algorithmic auditing frameworks to shaping complex product privacy standards, developing privacy compliance processes, responding to regulatory inquiries, and anticipating the state/federal/international privacy law landscape. At Facebook, she collaborates with product teams, legal, policymakers, and other key stakeholders to help build their core commitments to transparency, control, and accountability into every aspect of Facebook. Prior to joining Facebook, Sabrina was the Global Head of Policy (Marketplace) at Uber where she led a variety of responsible innovation efforts, including building principled marketplace design and governance systems; collaborated and partnered with external AI and ethics experts; and led cross-functional efforts between the policy, legal, and product teams.

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