20 September 2018

What lawyers need to know about cryptocurrency & blockchain

M. Ridgway Barker
Partner | US

Brought to you by the Continuing Legal Education Institute.

Program Co-sponsor: NYCLA’s Law and Technology Committee
Program Co-chairs: Joseph Bambara, CIPP/US, and Lance Koonce, Davis Wright Tremaine LLP, Co-Chairs, NYCLA’s Law and Technology Committee.
Faculty: Joseph Bambara, CIPP/US; M. Ridgway Barker, Partner, Withers Bergman LLC

When: Thursday, September 20 5:30 PM EST – 9:00 PM EST
Where: 14 Vesey Street, 2nd Floor Auditorium, New York, NY 10007

Join us to explore the rapidly evolving hype and reality of blockchain technology, including recent legal developments and how to advise your clients. The following topics will be covered: data security, privacy, intellectual property and ownership, monetization of data, regulation, product liability, automated contracts, IoT advocacy,application program interfaces and ethical issues involvedin data collection and sharing.

Highlights of the Program include:
The Internet of Things and the Blockchains: What are they?

  • Demystifying IOT: get the background and move beyond buzzwords
  • Blockchain explained: a brief history, the basics and more
  • Understand how interactions occur in an internet-everything world

Key considerations when advising clients on Blockchain and IOT
  • Examine legal pitfalls and the regulatory framework
  • Discover how to advise on data use, contracts and software licensing
  • Ways to navigate through ownership and intellectual property issues
  • Reviewing the characterization of a cryptocurrency or token from a securities law perspective
  • Designing token issuance and software development entity structures
  • Reviewing the terms of ICO documentation such as terms and conditions, information disclosures and privacy statements
  • Advising on AML/KYC requirements and ICO participation restrictions

How does IOT affect our Privacy?
  • How to avoid the privacy problems an interconnected world presents
  • What the rise of IOT means for the future of data security and breaches
  • International Perspective: The EU General Data Protection Regulation and Blockchain

IOT: Today and Tomorrow
  • Liability and consumer protection: can the laws keep up?
  • Challenges plus benefits from the integration of Social Media and IOT
  • The future of IoT and Blockchain: existing applications and emerging issues

Also Session A of 4 Evening Bridge the Gap

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Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

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