Event | Indonesia Investment Seminar: Legal and Taxation Update 2024 | Tokyo

4 March 2024 | Applicable law: Indonesia, Japan

In-person seminar in Tokyo

Time: 4:00 PM - 6:00PM, followed by light refreshment
4:00 PM – 6:00 PM, 軽食付き

Location: Withers Tokyo | ウィザーズ東京


English follows. 


日系企業による投資が進んで久しいインドネシアですが、当地への投資に際しては、法制度や税制度を慎重に検討し、関連リスクに対応することが求められます。このような法制度や税制度を含む投資環境が刻々と変化を続けている点もインドネシアの特徴的なところです。本セミナーでは、以下の点を含む、日系企業によるインドネシアへの投資に際して重要となる法務、税務上のトピックについて解説いたします。(*)出所インドネシア BKPM

  • 近時の投資環境、投資関連法制(オムニバス法施行後の状況等) 
  • 外国投資家によるインドネシア投資に際しての実務上のポイント
      • 外資規制に対応した投資ストラクチャー
      • 雇用関連
      • 投資協定による保護
  • シンガポール法人を用いたストラクチャリング
  • 投資及び資金還流に際し日本の税務上考慮すべきポイント
  • 投資に際しインドネシアの税務上考慮すべきポイント
      • 事業形態の選定
      • インドネシア企業に関する各種租税
      • 企業再編やM&A等のコーポレートアクションに係る税務




In 2023, Japan's direct investment in Indonesia amounted to approximately US$4.6 billion(*), ranking as the fourth largest investor in Indonesia. 

This underscores the continued strong interest from Japanese corporations when investing in Indonesia. The largest investor, Singapore, recorded an investment of approximately US$15.4 billion in 2023(*).  This figure includes investments made through Singapore by investors and companies from various countries, including Japan. In the recent presidential election, Prabowo’s victory is highly anticipated. He advocates for the continuation of policies set by the incumbent President Jokowi, and it is expected that commitment to bolster the country's investment environment and the attraction of foreign investment will remain as key policy issues.

Indonesia has long been a focus for investment by Japanese companies. When investing in this region, legal and taxation considerations must be carefully considered to protect against risk. A notable characteristic of Indonesia is the constant evolution of its investment environment, including its legal and taxation systems. This seminar will provide insights on crucial legal and taxation issues relevant to Japanese companies investing in Indonesia. (*)Source: Indonesia BKPM

The seminar will cover:

  • Recent investment environment and investment-related legislation (current state of Omnibus Law)
  • Practical points for foreign investors when investing in Indonesia 

      • Investment structure to deal with foreign ownership restrictions

      • Employment

      • Investment Treaty protections

  • Legal and tax structuring using Singapore vehicle
  • Considerations for Japanese taxation when investing and repatriating capital
  • Considerations for Indonesian taxation when investing
      • Selecting business form
      • Tax obligation of business entities in Indonesia
      • Tax implications on corporate actions such as corporate restructuring, merger and acquisition

The seminar will be conducted by lawyers and tax consultants from Withers Tokyo and Singapore and PBTaxand, a leading tax firm in Indonesia.  Presentations will be in Japanese or English, depending on the speaker, with Japanese supplementary explanations provided for segments conducted in English.


To register, kindly click on the RSVP button above or you may reach out to us at tk.events@withersworldwide.com

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