Trusts issues with cryptocurrency - a European perspective

6 May 2021 | 12 minute listen

Episode 8 of Withers talks: cryptocurrency series

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Trusts are typically utilized as part of an estate plan or for asset protection purposes, and investors in cryptocurrency and other digital assets, like NFTs and tokens, are increasingly seeking to incorporate these investments into their trusts and estate planning. In this episode of the Withers talks: cryptocurrency podcast, ‘Trusts issues with cryptocurrency – a European perspective,’ podcast host Charles Kolstad is joined by Natasha Stourton, partner on Withers’ trusts, estates and inheritance disputes team in London, and Roberto Bonomi, senior associate on Withers’ private client and tax team in Milan, to share insight into European individuals and trustees holding crypto assets in a trust.

Natasha leads the episode with a discussion on top considerations for trustees who are asked to hold cryptocurrency as part of a trust fund in England, a common law country. Roberto follows with how Italy, a civil law country, differs in its view of the treatment of such trusts. Our guests also discuss non-domiciled resident programs and how the rules can change for investors and trusts where the settlor is a non-dom.

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