Withers helps set up masks4NHSHeroes fundraising

7 April 2020

Our charity team has worked with not-for-profit organisation masks4NHSHeroes to help register it as a charity so that it can drive forwards its vital fundraising work.

The organisation, founded by three doctors amongst others, is looking to raise funds from donations to purchase personal protective equipment to supplement the NHS's efforts to properly protect health workers as they treat patients with COVID-19. Starting with an initial target of £200k on Crowdfunder, this was surpassed in a short space of time, including a large donation from actor James McAvoy, and masks4NHSHeroes has so far raised £1.49m to source, donate and distribute the equipment.

The Withers team, including Richard Cassell, Alana Petraske, John Huxley, Chloe Harris and Katy Crofton has advised on a pro bono basis on charity registration and gift aid in the context of a short-term project with very focused objectives.

This project coincided with the SalutetheNHS initiative, which is funding meals for NHS workers. SalutetheNHS was launched by former McLaren F1 chairman Ron Dennis, and received pro bono legal advice from another Withers team.

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