Withers' Michael Rueda featured in Law360 article "Ex-Commanders Workers Blast Letter From Owner's Lawyers"

10 October 2022 | Applicable law: US

Withers US Head of Sports and Entertainment Michael Rueda was featured in Law360’s recently published article, “Ex-Commanders Workers Blast Letter From Owner’s Lawyers.” The article discusses ongoing investigations into allegations of toxic workplace conditions at the NFL’s Washington Commanders.

Attorneys for more than 40 former employees continue to trade printed blows with attorneys representing the team and its owner, Daniel Snyder. Michael comments on the most recent letter from Snyder’s lawyers and how its timing suggests further developments in the House Oversight and Reform Committee’s investigation: “My guess is that they are trying to get out in front of what will soon be public information, by calling into question the nature of the investigation, the way it was conducted, the fact that they feel it wasn’t thorough enough, that it wasn’t bipartisan and all the other elements he brought up.

Michael suggested that recent high-profile investigations into other the workplaces of other organizations such as the Phoenix Suns, the Boston Celtics and the National Women’s Soccer League - in addition to the increased profile of this case – may have inspired the Commanders’ lawyers to act. Michael, referring to these other investigations, indicated “we’re in a different place now; athletes are empowered now, and not just athletes, everybody employed there,” before concluding, “you see what public pressure can do, what can happen as a result of a report like that.

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